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Choreography by Etienne Decroux, re-visited by Selma Trevino with a Brazilian twist.

washerwoman decroux selma trevino dixon place 2021

First work of the Re-visiting Decroux  project. Directed by Selma Trevino, the Washerwoman choreography opened the project with a presentation at the Dixon Place on November 16, 2021, part of the Crossing Boundaries series.

This first outcome was possible by the INCUBATOR Grant program by LEIMAY  at CAVE.


Through the Oak Door

Directed by William Trevino

Performed by Akiko Nishijima, Selma Trevino and William Trevino

Voice and Text by Lori Fitzgerald

Through the Oak Door 2019.jpeg

Recipient of the Queens Council of the Arts "New Works" Grant 2019, Through the Oak Door was a conclusion of 3 years of work and research between Corporeal Mime, the Martial Art Soo Bahk Do, Contemporary Dance and Literature.

2016 - 2019

Spring 2020

Choreographed and Performed by Selma Trevino

Dixon place tv selma trevino new york

Spring 2020 is a movement research piece, conceived at home during the first round of the pandemic in New  York.  It was directed for video and presented by the Dixon Place TV in May 2020 



Directed and Performed by William Trevino

Text by Edgar Allan Poe

Ligeia - CPR - 55.jpg

Recipient of the Spring Artist Lodge Residence at HERE .


selma gestez chez vous 2020


Gestez Chez Vous 

Choreographed and performed by Selma Trevino

Choreographed and performed 2 works as part of the “Gestez Chez Vous” project organized by the French physical theatre company, Hippocamp for online showing.

Mirrors selma Trevino.jpg

2000 - 2003


Directed and Performed by Selma Trevino

Mirrors is a solo performance created from a montage of sculptures, texts from the Bible and poetry from the Golden Age of Spain. 

Vitrines selma trevino alessandra san martin

2015 - 2022


Directed by Selma Trevino

Performed by Alessandra San Martin

Devised collaboratively by Corporeal Arts Incorporated & the Brazilian company “Por Volta de Logo Depois”;  Inspired by the archetype of the prostitute in Brazilian literature, music, and online postings; First presented in NYC at Crossing Boundaries Series, Dixon Place, NYC and 69th Lane Studio, Queens (2015), and subsequently in various theatres and festivals throughout Brazil.

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