Corporeal Arts Incorporated

Physical Theatre Company

The idea of Corporeal Arts Incorporated began germinating in 2000 with the creation of Mirrors. Performed by Selma Treviño and directed with William Treviño, the performance traveled throughout the United States and Brazil for three years. As the performance Mirrors underwent a transformation process for each new venue, the couple’s artistic identity formed. The Treviño Theatre Company, which changed its name to Corporeal Arts Incorporated when it received non-profit status, is a company determined to represent the moods and feelings of the Human Being through the body rather than through logical speech.

Selma and William have dedicated their artistic lives to corporeal arts, specializing in Corporeal Mime of Etienne Decroux and Soo Bahk Do respectively. By applying, transforming, combining, and incorporating corporeal techniques, they have been developing and creating a personal method of working and performing.


William and Selma Trevino


Selma Trevino is a Brazilian performer/choreographer/artistic director and co-founder of Corporeal Arts Incorporated (CAI) in New York.  She holds a MA in Performance Studies from NYU (2009); a BA in Theater Arts from UNICAMP, Brazil( 1992); Specialization in Corporeal Mime with Thomas Leabhart in Paris and California (1996-2002). After her BA, Selma went to Paris on an adventure to look for a technique that would give skills to develop artistic work in the field of dance and theater. She found her home in the Corporeal Mime technique of Etienne Decroux, in which inside a very precise form, the body finds freedom for  individual expression. Researching movement sometimes in its smallest appearance almost to a pulse or sometimes in its biggest projection that creates a  jump in the air, Selma’s choreographies stand between the art of gestual theater and dance. Her work was performed in several venues in NYC, such as: Baryshnikov Arts Center, Lincoln Center, Dixon Place, HERE, Center for Performance Research – CPR; as well as different parts of the world: California, Canada, Brazil, Finland and France.